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Welcome in  the Network, let's work together for European Plant conservation!

You can download European Plant Conservation Strategy here:


Wild plants in Europe are under severe threat with a significant loss of plant species and habitat taking place. Although being a subject of concern, plant conservation has less support from politicians and the public than other threatened groups, such as pandas, whales or birds.

Our message  is simple:

• Wild plants in Europe are declining rapidly;

• The European public is concerned about the problems at hand destroying their heritage;

• European and national decision makers must act now to halt this trend;

• A clear, measurable and easily understandable roadmap towards a better protection for Europe's flora does exist;

• Everybody can do something to rescue wild plants in their countryside activities.

Local and regional projects: Throughout Europe small scale local and regional educational and awareness-raising activities organised by member organisations or private persons can do something for plants. The nature and scope of these projects is dependent on the capacity of the organisation promoting the event.

Ongoing projects: If you would like to add an event, please send a short summary and pictures to the Planta Europa Secretariat.

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